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Add a new employee to the system using the New hire form
Add a new employee to the system using the New hire form

Learn how to use and edit the default hire form

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⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professional packages

There are three ways to create an employee through the New hire form in the system:

1. From the Candidate's card: Click the "Hire as employee" button on the candidate's card to create an employee directly from their profile.

2. From the Directory: Click the "Add employee" button in the directory's upper right corner.

3. From Quick Add: Use the "Quick add" feature to create an employee profile quickly with essential details.

Creating a new employee using the New hire form

If you haven't customized a hire form yet, the system will suggest using the default form. You can choose between two options: either keep the default form as it is or edit it to align with your company's needs.

Viewing and editing the New hire form

To view or edit the default form, navigate to the Settings section > Forms > form "New hire." Select the default form, click the three dots, and choose "Edit." Here, you can make changes according to your needs.

You can find more information on how to create customised hiring forms in the article here.

Benefits of using different hire forms

In most cases, companies should create various hiring forms tailored to different regions and roles within the business. This approach offers numerous advantages for personalizing the hiring process. Some examples of such forms could be:

  • Full-time developers in Kyiv

  • Full-time developers in Barcelona

  • Marketing team in Kyiv

This allows you to set up policies and required fields for different categories of employees. And even more importantly, it automates the launch of various workflows and preboarding forms. This is especially useful if you need preboarding forms in different languages.

For example:

  • Preboarding form for Ukraine

  • Preboarding form for Spain

More information on how to create customised preboarding forms can be found in the article here.

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