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FAQ about performance reviews
FAQ about performance reviews
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Question: Who does the system consider as HR in performance reviews?

The system considers an HR employee as someone who has access to the Performance - Review section. This is a person who has the ability to create reviews and perform all actions when reviewing performance. Typically, this is an employee with system administrator rights or an employee who has been granted access to manage performance review in role settings.

Question: How to assign colleagues for review as an HR manager?

In the "Performance - Review - Current Review" menu, you can nominate your colleagues for evaluation. To do this, select the employee you want to evaluate and click on the progress bar in the "Status" column. After that, you'll be able to choose evaluation participants in the "Colleagues" field.

Question: If I set the condition for who participates in the performance review, but the number of participants doesn't change, what should I do?

To update the number of employees who meet your selected criteria, choose the "Next" or "Save draft" button. If you select "Next," you can return to the "Details" section later to make changes.

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