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General Overview: Safe Speak by PeopleForce
General Overview: Safe Speak by PeopleForce

Learn how to empower employees to anonymously report workplace concerns with PeopleForce's Safe Speak feature.

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In any workplace, fostering a culture of openness and safety is essential. However, there are times when employees face difficult situations, like harassment or conflicts, where speaking up openly isn't easy. But how can employees raise their concerns while staying completely anonymous?

We offer a solution for your team. Safe Speak is the new feature in our case management product, PeopleDesk. It allows your employees to create a fully anonymous case.

What is Safe Speak by PeopleForce?

Safe Speak is a secure channel for employees and external parties to report problems or wrongdoing without revealing their identity.

Reporting an issue is an act of courage, and that's why we advocate for transparency. Together, we provide a place for your employees to share their concerns confidentially without fear.

At the same time, as management, it offers you the chance to listen, acknowledge, and address these concerns, gaining a deeper understanding of organizational issues.

What issues can your team report?

With Safe Speak, your team can report various issues, including:

  • Financial misconduct

  • Workplace harassment and mobbing

  • Safety violations

  • Corruption

  • Environmental concerns

  • Data breaches

  • Non-compliance

  • Unethical behavior

  • Retaliation

  • And more

You can also enable anonymous reporting for external parties, enhancing transparency in recruiting and issue tracking. This option can be made available to candidates via a provided link, the choice of which is entirely yours.

Activate Safe Speak in PeopleDesk with ease

Safe Speak is disabled by default in Settings, but it can be easily activated within PeopleDesk. Anonymous cases are managed similarly to regular cases, but they are clearly marked as Anonymous for easy identification on the case management list.

Easily report work-based misconduct

Employees have the flexibility to report work-based misconduct through the Cases tab in the Me section, a direct link on the Home page, or a Knowledge Base link. This process is exceptionally user-friendly, requiring only the completion of the category, subject, and case description. Additionally, employees can include documents, screenshots, photos, or recordings to provide comprehensive details.

Importantly, you can also enable anonymous cases for external parties, e. g. making the recruiting process more transparent and allowing you to track any issues. That's why Safe Speak can be available to candidates via a link. You have the choice to share this option with them or not.

Safe Speak ensures confidential reporting

Rest assured, we've taken measures to make your employees' reporting experience as secure and anonymous as possible.

When a person submits a case via Safe Speak, it's encrypted, and the submission page is external to the PeopleForce system. This means no need to log in via PeopleForce, and there's no way to uncover the reporter's identity.

Anonymity is our top priority. Your employees' identity will be fully protected and kept confidential, with neither PeopleForce nor our service provider having access to any information beyond what's provided in the report form or attachments.

A reminder: Images and documents uploaded may contain metadata like EXIF data, which we don't anonymize, so caution is advised.

The unique structure of the link to the company's whistleblowing submission page prevents the use of a pattern to access similar pages for other companies.

Effortless case follow-up

Following up on a case in Safe Speak is a straightforward process. Once the employee submitted a case, he/she receives a unique case password for future access. The employee can use this password to revisit the case, view updates, and communicate anonymously with the assigned case manager.

Also, it is important to know that after submitting an anonymous case and having a manager assigned to it, the reporter will see the manager's avatar and name, ensuring that the issue is handled by someone unrelated to the complaint.

With Speak Safe, you're all about an inclusive approach where every voice matters. Foster your corporate culture with the principles of a speak-up culture — and PeopleForce, with its Safe Speak feature, will assist you at every step of the way.

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