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How to recalculate the leave policy
How to recalculate the leave policy

Learn how to recalculate the leave policies

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If there are any changes made to the leave policy, it's crucial to understand that these modifications won't be automatically reflected in employees' profiles. To apply the changes, you need to manually recalculate the leave policy. This ensures that the updated policy is accurately reflected across all relevant employee profiles, maintaining consistency and compliance.

⚠️ During the recalculation of the leave policy, the process will consider the employee's hiring date as the starting point. This ensures that the updated leave policy is applied consistently for each employee, beginning from their individual date of employment.

Bulk recalculation of leave policies

Performing a bulk recalculation of leave policies is a straightforward process with the following clear steps:

  1. Locate and click the "Bulk operations" button positioned in the right corner, where all created leave types are listed.

  2. To choose the employees for whom you wish to recalculate a specific leave policy, you have two options:

    • Utilize the double arrow button to select all employees.

    • Use the single arrow button to individually choose specific employees by clicking on their names.

  3. Once the employees are selected, opt for the "Recalculate leave policies" option. Specify the leave type you intend to recalculate, and proceed by clicking the Next button. This action generates a comprehensive list of selected employees. Scroll through this list to confirm your choices.

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