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How to add custom tables for employee fields
How to add custom tables for employee fields

Learn how to create custom tables in the employee profile

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⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professional packages

With the introduction of custom tables for employee profiles, users can now ensure more reliable storage of historical information. This enhancement allows customers to create custom tables similar to the existing position table, providing flexibility and control over their data.

Customers often face challenges in storing data that changes over time, requiring a reliable historical record. Custom tables are the solution to this dilemma.

Benefits for users:

  • HR managers: Experience improved accuracy in data storage, presented in a logical and organized manner.

  • Employees, team leads, and managers: Gain enhanced access to accurate historical data.

How to add a new table

In PeopleForce, each category has the flexibility to contain fields or tables. Whether you're crafting a new category or adding a table to an existing one, here's a simple guide to creating your own table:

  1. Navigate to "Employee fields" in the HR settings.

  2. Click on "+ New table" in the upper right corner.

  3. Choose the category where you want to add the new table.

  4. Provide a name and an optional description.

  5. Apply a location if you wish to make this table visible only to employees in a specific location.

  6. Click "Save."

How to add columns to the table

  1. To create a new column, click the ''Edit'' icon on the created table field.

  2. In the open form, click "Add column," then input the name and choose the type.

  3. Save the created columns.

Managing the table

In the system, the table will be displayed as part of your employee fields. To edit or add data to the table, click the "Edit" button.

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