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A comprehensive guide to self-service change requests for employees
A comprehensive guide to self-service change requests for employees
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In addressing the common challenge of restricted access to certain profile sections, such as personal information or emergency contacts, the introduction of our new change request forms eliminates the need for employees to wait on system admins. Traditionally, these requests would lead to delays and a lack of transparency in the modification process.

Now employees can autonomously initiate changes to their profiles through the self-service form, even in sections that were previously inaccessible to them. This form not only facilitates modification requests but also incorporates a tracking feature, allowing employees to monitor the progress of their requests within the system.

Let's delve into the details:

Initiating changes

  • From the "Actions" dropdown menu within the employee's profile, choose "Request information change."

  • A popup window will appear, presenting you with various forms related to specific changes. Select the form that corresponds to the changes you intend to activate.

Completing the change request form

  • Within the open form, diligently fill out the necessary information for the change.

  • Click "Next" to proceed.

  • Review the changes made and ensure accuracy.

  • Click "Request changes" to submit your request.

  • If needed, corrections can be made by utilizing the "Cancel" button.

Monitoring requests and approvals

Whenever you submit a new request or someone sends a request that requires your approval, it will be reflected in the ''Me ➝ Forms'' menu.

  • In "Requiring my approval," find details about requests awaiting your approval. Evaluate details and decide using the "Approve" or "Reject'' button.

  • Track submitted requests in the "Submitted by me" tab.

Request notification

  • Every requester receives notifications in the system or via email.

  • Click the notification for details, including approver information.


How are changes applied in the system?

The application of changes depends on the configured approval settings. If designated approvers are part of the process, modifications will take effect only after their approval. However, if no approvals are required, changes will be implemented immediately.

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