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Google Workspace integration
Google Workspace integration

Learn how to install the Google Workspace integration and enable the one-way synchronisation

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The Google Workspace integration offers significant benefits for HRs and system administrators by streamlining manual tasks associated with changes in company headcount. Google Workspace integration will help automate process of creating new employees, updating basic data and removing terminated employees from your Google Workspace. With workflows you can automate the process of creation or removal users in Google Workspace. Optionally, you can manually add existing directory employees to your Workspace directory.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to select which data items to synchronize, including full names, photos, managers, employee IDs, positions, and more.

If you select to sync your photo, it will match the one in your PeopleForce profile with your Google account. Any updates made to your photo in PeopleForce will automatically reflect in your Google account. This synchronization applies to all data selected for synchronization, providing seamless integration between PeopleForce and Google Workspace.

⚠️ To install the Google Workspace integration, you must have Super Admin rights for the Google Workspace account. Super Admins have access to all settings in the Google Admin Console. To enable the one-way sync, the user must be the administrator of PeopleForce.

How to enable the integration

To enable the integration, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Google Workspace integration.

2. Click on "Install."

3. If Google Workspace integration is already installed, tick the box to enable 1-way sync.

4. Enabling employee sync will initiate a one-way sync from PeopleForce to Google Workspace, allowing PeopleForce to update employee information in Google Workspace.

Once the integration is enabled, you have the flexibility to choose which data items to synchronize. This includes options such as full names, photos, managers, employee IDs, positions, and more. Companies using this integration can select the fields they want to sync, ensuring that only relevant information is shared across platforms.

Automating employee addition and removal in Google Workspace using workflows

To automate the process of adding or removing employees using workflows, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the workflows section, select the specific workflow you want to work with, whether it's an Onboarding or Offboarding workflow.

2. Look for the new workflow action called "Google Workspace action."

3. Select this action, and a new pop-up window will appear.

4. Choose "Create a Google Workspace user" if you want to add an employee to Google Workspace.

5. Alternatively, choose "Delete the employee Google Workspace user" if you need to remove an employee from Google Workspace.

6. Configure the workflow according to your specific needs and requirements.

⚠️ You should assume that an email address has already been assigned for the employee for whom you want the Google Workspace user to be created.

Manually adding existing employees to Workspace directory

Optionally, you can manually add existing directory employees to your Workspace directory. Navigate to the employee's profile and under the Action menu, click on "Create Google Workspace user."

⚠️ After the employee termination, the Google Workspace user will be deleted automatically.

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