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In this collection you can find instructions how to install and use PeopleForce bots and integrations

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Microsoft Outlook integrationLearn how to enable the Microsoft Outlook integration on the company level and how to use Teams with interviews and 1-on-1s
Zapier integrationPeopleforce makes it easy to sync data between systems using Zapier.
Gmail integrationLearn how to connect your Gmail inbox to your Peopleforce account
Integration with Google Calendar on the company levelLearn how to enable the Google Calendar integration on the company level and use Google Meet for interviews and 1-on-1s
Integration with the Workademy LMSLearn how to set up the integration between Workademy and PeopleForce
Zoom IntegrationLearn how to install, use and uninstall Zoom Integration
Integrations via API
How to integrate PeopleForce with eRecruiter
Slack integrationLearn how to integrate your account with Slack
HR Slack bot integration and it's featuresLearn how to enable HR Slack bot to streamline HR processes and improve communication within your organization
Slack ''Who's out'' integrationLearn how to set up daily who's out delivery in your Slack channel
Integration with Telegram BotLearn how to integrate your PeopleForce account with the Telegram bot
Google Workspace Calendar IntegrationThis document provides instructions for PeopleForce users on how to integrate Google Calendar using Google Service Accounts.
Export your PeopleForce Calendar to your Microsoft CalendarLearn how to export PeopleForce calendar to Microsoft calendar
Export your PeopleForce Calendar to your Google CalendarLearn how to export PeopleForce Calendar to your Google Calendar 📅
Google Workspace integrationLearn how to install the Google Workspace integration and enable the one-way synchronisation
Integration 1 C
Lezo integrationLearn how to generate an API key in PeopleForce and integrate it into your LEZO account