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Scheduling the adhoc meeting
Scheduling the adhoc meeting

Learn how the employees can schedule the adhoc meeting

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Employees can schedule ad-hoc meetings outside of the recurring schedule. For instance, if an employee needs to meet with their manager next week for an important discussion.

⚠️ Before scheduling the meeting, ensure the relationship between the organizer and participant is set. How to set the relation you can read here.

Scheduling the adhoc meeting

1. Employees can schedule ad hoc meetings under the "Me" tab -> 1:1s -> +New or using the ''Quick add'' button.

Administrators and those with access to manage 1:1s can also schedule meetings in the ''Performance tab > 1:1 > + New 1:1.''

2. In the pop-up window, select the employee for the meeting. If the relation is already set, the system will prompt to proceed to the upcoming meeting or schedule an ad hoc meeting.

3. If your PeopleForce account integrates with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, the system will find available time slots for both participants.

4. Choose a suitable time slot that works for everyone.

5. Utilize meeting types to clarify the purpose and objectives, ensuring focused and productive discussions.

Accessing upcoming meetings is simple: navigate to the "Me" tab and find all your upcoming meetings listed in the "Overview" section.

Shared and private notes

Now both organiser and participant can create shared notes, visible for both sides.

And it is still possible for both organiser and participant to create private notes, visible only for the creator.

Convenient access to past and upcoming meetings

Easily access past and upcoming meetings through a convenient sidebar, allowing you to delve into each meeting and review its details and notes.

Reschedule the adhoc meeting

To make changes to the meeting, go to the ''Me tab-> 1:1s'' and find the meeting you want to modify. Then, select the "Edit" option from the three dots menu. Both the organizer and the participant can reschedule the meeting, while only the organizer can cancel or delete it.

Calendars integration for 1:1s

The integration works in one direction. If you make changes to a meeting in Google or Microsoft calendar, those updates won't reflect in PeopleForce. However, if you make changes to events in PeopleForce, they will be updated in the Google and Microsoft calendar within a minute.

Access to the Meeting tab

Admins and users with access to manage 1:1s can access the Meeting tab, where the history of all meetings, both ad hoc and recurring, is stored. Utilize the filter for a quick search of meetings by type, employee, organizer, etc.


Can upcoming 1-1 meetings be viewed?

Yes, upcoming 1-1 meetings can be viewed in the Me tab-> Overview.

What changes have been made regarding talking points and action items in 1-1 meetings?

Talking points will no longer be carried over between 1-1 meetings, but action items will continue to be carried over.

Is it possible to reschedule or change the type of a 1-1 meeting?

Yes, it is possible to reschedule a 1-1 meeting or change its type. To make changes to a 1-1 meeting, navigate to the meeting itself and select the Edit option from the three dots menu.

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