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Manage your recurring 1:1s

Detailed information on how an employees can schedule and participate in recurring 1:1 meetings 😊

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With the introduction of recurring 1:1 meetings, employees benefit from a more streamlined approach to communication with their managers. Previously, managers had to manually schedule these meetings each time they wished to speak with an employee.

Now, employees can expect regular, pre-scheduled meetings which provide dedicated time for discussions and updates. This recurring structure ensures that important topics such as work feedback, salary reviews, and project updates are consistently addressed and tracked over time.

Access the upcoming meetings

Navigate to the "Me" tab to find all your upcoming meetings listed in the Overview section. In the "1:1s" tab, you can view all relationships that have been established with you. Here, you can see the dates of past and upcoming 1:1 meetings for each relationship.

Talking points

Now both organizers and participants can create talking points both visible or private, ensuring they are not visible to the other party. Talking points will no longer be carried over between 1-1 meetings.

Action points

Both organizers and participants can create action points that are either private or visible, and assign them to either the meeting organizer or a participant. Any incomplete action items will carry over to future 1:1s until they are completed, and they will also appear in the To-do's widget on the Home page for the assignee.

Shared and private notes

Now both organizer and participant can create shared notes, visible for both sides.

Private notes can only be created by the organizer and are visible only to the creator.

Employees can schedule ad-hoc meetings outside of the recurring schedule. For instance, if an employee needs to meet with their manager next week for an important discussion.

Convenient access to past and upcoming meetings

In the Me section under 1:1s, easily access past and upcoming meetings. Navigate to the specific relationship and click on See all meetings. In a convenient sidebar on the right, you can review all past and upcoming meetings.

Rescheduling the recurring meeting

Both the organizer and the participant have the ability to reschedule a recurring meeting. To do so, navigate to the meeting in the Me section-> Overview, select the meeting you wish to reschedule. Then, under the three dots menu, choose the Edit option and make the necessary changes.

⚠️ Remember that this action will only reschedule the selected meeting, while all other recurring meetings will continue according to the conditions set during the initial setup of the frequency in the relation.

Calendars integration for 1:1s

The integration works in one direction. If you make changes to a meeting in Google or Microsoft calendar, those updates won't reflect in PeopleForce. However, if you make changes to events in PeopleForce, they will be updated in the Google and Microsoft calendar within a minute.

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