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Exploring your company's organizational chart
Exploring your company's organizational chart

Learn how to effectively utilize the org chart

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In this article, we'll delve into the efficient navigation and utilization of your company's organizational chart. We'll cover viewing your organization's people, positions, and hierarchy, applying filters for clearer data visualization, and exporting your org chart.

Accessing the Org Chart

To access the org chart, navigate from the left menu to the Directory and then select the Org Chart option. The CEO or head of the organization will appear at the top, followed by direct reports. Clicking on an employee's name redirects you to their profile. Beneath each person's image, you'll find the number of direct reports and total reports.

For instance, if Pavel Klymenko reports to Stanislav Rud and manages three people, one of whom is a direct report, this information will be displayed.

Click under an employee's position to view their direct and all reports. Click again to collapse the data.

Finding a specific employee

To locate a specific employee within the org chart, use the arrow in the employee field to reveal a search bar. Here, you can either type in the employee's name or select it from the drop-down list.

Departments org chart tab

The Departments org chart tab provides an overview of all departments within the company, displaying the organization's name and total number of employees at the top. Direct departments are listed below, and clicking on the number of employees redirects you to the respective department's employee list.

Using filters based on departments

To filter data by departments, navigate to the department tab and use the filter field to select a specific department. Click on the number of employees in that department to view them in either list or card view.

Exporting the org chart

To export the org chart to PDF, locate and click the export button located in the top right corner of the screen. From the options provided, select "Export to PDF." It's important to note that the final document will mirror your current view settings. For example, if only the CEO and their direct reports are visible on the org chart, the downloaded PDF will reflect this specific view.

Anonymised organizational chart view and download

For your employees’ protection, you can anonymize employee information when exporting and viewing your organization chart by third parties. You can choose which specific data will be displayed in the organization chart document and hide avatars.

Exporting data by department

To export data by department, use the filter to select the specific department of interest. Click on the number of employees within that department and choose to export the data in either Excel or CSV format. Once initiated, you'll receive a notification when your export is ready for download.

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