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First steps in PeopleForce
Get started with the general settings of your company
Get started with the general settings of your company

Learn how to perform initial setup of your system with general settings

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On the Settings page (the gear in the bottom left corner), go to General Settings. This section contains general settings, billing, alerts, imports, integrations and webhooks.

General settings

In the General settings you can fill in the necessary information about your company:

  • Company name - enter the name of your company.

  • Default language - this setting will be applied to the accounts of all new employees. They can change the language in their account settings.

  • Default time zone - the selected time zone will also be applied by default to all new employees. They can change it in their account settings.

  • Default currency - select the required currency from the list.

  • Name display - select from the list one of the options for displaying the name in your system: First name - Last name or Last name - First name.

  • Date format - select the desired date format for your company.

Important! These settings are for the entire company, but each employee can configure their own time zone and language settings in their personal account.

In the Personalization section you can set the following parameters:

  • Load the company logo;

  • Select color of action buttons;

  • Enable or disable the function of adding a homepage cover image on the home page;

  • Enable or disable the function of adding an employee cover image;

  • Enable or disable the function allowing employees to upload their own cover image in their personal profile.

Important! Click the "Save" button at the end of the section to save and implement the settings.


In the Features section, you can enable/disable:

Time-off tracking - the ability for an employee to create requests for an absence and track their history and adjustments.

Suggestions - the possibility for employees to send their ideas or suggestions.

Company Assets - a section for keeping records and managing company assets.

Knowledge Base - the company's library with articles for employees.

Mood Tracking - a short survey that employees will take each week answering the question, "How did they feel at work this week?"

Polls - quick surveys for all members of your company that are displayed on the home page.

Important! Click the "Save" button at the end of the section to save and implement the settings.


In the ''Billing'' you can see the active block subscriptions in the system and check the payment information (if you tied the payment card).


In the ''Alerts'' you can create custom notifications. You can receive such alerts via email or web notification format (bell in the upper right corner).

After selecting the alert type, select the condition according to which the alerts will be sent:

  • refers to specific people (about which employees the alerts will be sent)

  • sent to specific people (to whom the notifications will be sent).


In the Import tab, we can import employees, candidates, assets and absence requests into the system. To do this, you should fill out a data file and upload it to the system in CSV/XLSX format.

Go to "Settings > General > Import" to upload the file you need. In the opened form, select the import type and click the "Download sample file" button.


In the Integrations tab, you can activate the ability to integrate your PeopleForce account with Telegram and Slack accounts and add integration with job search websites for recruiting and Zoom.

With this functionality, you will have the ability to send an event with a particular type that is available in PeopleForce into external software you use in your company.

Important: Contact your technical specialist to help with this.

Done! 😃At this point, we recommend that you proceed to the core settings. All the necessary information can be found by following this link.

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