To add the employee profile fields, go to Settings -> PeopleHR -> Employee fields.

Fields are information that will be indicated on your employee's page. You can edit already created fields, add your custom fields, and change their order.

To add a new group and/or field, you need to select the relevant button in the upper right corner.

Fields can be different types, depending on what information you want to enter:

  • Single-line text

  • Rich text

  • Single checkbox

  • Date picker

  • Number

  • Single select

  • Multiple select

  • File

  • Employee select

Some fields can be deleted, deactivated and edited.

Deleting will permanently erase information from the system. That is why we recommend turning them off for those cases when there is a possibility that old data may be needed again.

You can change the order of group fields and fields within a group.

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