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Placeholders for resume templates
Placeholders for resume templates

Learn how to use placeholders for the resume templates

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Placeholders allow you to create resumes with the actual information from your candidate's card in the order and with the data you need. Thus, you can download PDF versions of resumes to share with customers or interviewers, hiding salary expectations, last name or other candidate data.

For placeholders, we use the open source Liquid library from Shopify. More details and documentation can be found here.

General information about the candidate

{{candidate.full_name}} - Full name
{{candidate.date_of_birth}} - Date of birth
{{candidate.gender}} - Gender

{{}} - Candidate email
{{candidate.phone_number}} - Phone number

{{candidate.position}} - Candidate position
{{candidate.salary}} - Candidate salary
{{candidate.salary_currency}} - Candidate salary currency

References and tags

The following placeholders are arrays and there are certain peculiarities when working with them. More details on how to use them and examples can be found below in the article:

{{candidate.urls}} -Link from the candidate's profile | Array [string]

{{candidate.tags}} - Tags| Array[string]


{{candidate.languages}} - Languages| Array[string]

{{}} - Name of the language

{{language.code}} - Abbreviated form of the language (code)

{{language.level}} - Level of knowledge


{{candidate.educations}} - Education of the candidate | Array [string]

{{}} - Educational institution

{{}} - Name

{{education.subject}} - Specialty

{{education.from_year}} - Year of start

{{education.to_year}} - Year of graduation

{{education.description}} - Description


{{candidate.experiences}} - Experience | Array [string]

{{experience.title}} - Position

{{}} - Company

{{experience.starts_on}} - Start date (Year and month)

{{experience.ends_on}} - End date (Year and month)

{{experience.location}} - Location

{{experience.description}} - Description

Special fields for the candidate

Standard fields were not enough and you have already created additional fields for your company? For example, is the candidate actively looking for a job or does he have a driver's license? You can safely use these fields in the file created by the system!

First you need to find the UUID of the field. Go to the "Candidate fields" section and click edit opposite the name of the field you need.

Just copy the string and add it to the placeholder using the following template:

{{candidate.custom_##}} - Placeholder for custom fields,

where ## is the UUID of the custom field.

For example, for the field specified on the template, the placeholder looks like this:


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