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Offer templates

Learn how to create offer templates to automate the recruiting process

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Offer template functionality allows you to create and use example offers in the final stages of the hiring process, thereby simplifying the process.

Creating offer templates

To create these templates, go to ''Settings'' and then to the ''Offer Templates'' section. Then, to create a new template, press the "Add" button. The following page will open:

Here, you will see several mandatory fields:

Name - the template's internal name is not displayed when you send it to the candidate.

The subject of the email - a subject that will be visible to the candidate in the email.

Body - a cover letter from the recruiter.

Letter template - the content of the offer itself. Here, you can describe the terms of cooperation, benefits, etc.

Tip: Notice the placeholders on the right side of the page. With these placeholders, you can automatically pull up the information you want in your offer.

Send an offer to a candidate

To send an offer to a candidate, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Recruitment section on the left menu.

2. Navigate to the Candidates tab and select the desired candidate from the list.

3. Go to the "Offers" tab on the candidate's card.

4. Click on the "Create offer" button.

5. Select the specific vacancy for which you want to create the offer.

6. Choose the appropriate offer template from the options on the offer creation page.

7. Review the content of the offer and make any necessary edits.

8. Click "Save and Preview" to preview the offer.

9. If everything looks good, click the "Send offer letter" button at the bottom of the page to submit the offer to the candidate.

The candidate will receive the offer letter, and once they respond, you can go ahead with the next steps in the recruitment process.

This is how the offer letter will appear to the candidate:

After clicking the "View Offer" button, the candidate can view and sign the offer.

The footer will showcase the contact information of the individual who sent the offer. If a work number is provided in the profile, it will be displayed here; otherwise, the personal number will be shown.

You will also be able to track the status of the offer on the candidate's card.

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