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Brief instructions on how to properly import assets into the system

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Import in the PeopleForce system supports two types of files - .csv and .xlsx. Before loading the table, you need to fill in all the fields correctly so that the data is accepted by the system. The file (template) can be downloaded here.

You can see an example of filling in the fields below:

The following fields are available for import:

ID - asset code

Name - name

Serial number - serial number

Category - asset category

Location - location

Department - department

Division - division

Price - price

Currency - currency

Warranty Expires On - when the warranty expires

Description - description.

Required fields are marked black, without filling in these fields - assets will not be imported into the system.

If you save the file in CSV format, it is important to select the comma separator format.

Importing a file into the system

Go to Settings - in the General section - Import.

Do not see the "Settings" or "Import" section? Perhaps you do not have access to it. 🔒 Contact your system manager to find out more.

From the drop-down list, select the type of imported data - Assets, browse for the required file in the system and click Next.

After loading the table, you will be able to see if all fields were imported correctly. If any of the fields was not automatically detected by the system, make sure that the field name is correct or set the field manually.

The system supports automatic validation of the imported data. The information that has the wrong format will be marked in red in the menu.

In case of a data filling error

You will need to edit the file and replace the incorrect values with the correct ones, and then perform the import again. The duplicates will remain with the same data, and the lines that contained errors will simply be updated.

In the Import menu, you can see the history of loading each file. You can see how many assets were successfully transferred to the system, whether there were any errors during the upload, or perhaps some assets were missed due to duplication.

By opening the log, we can see why some records may not have been transferred.

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