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Knowledge base: Create categories and add articles
Knowledge base: Create categories and add articles

Learn how to create categories and add articles to them

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Knowledge base - a single repository of all knowledge, documents, regulations and recommendations in the company, where employees can find all the information for work. Knowledge bases will be especially useful for companies with remote employees, as well as for fast-developing companies. PeoplesForce provides Knowledge base section for more convenient information storage, thanks to which every company employee quickly gets all answers in one place and doesn't waste his time on searching for them.

How to enable the Knowledge Base in the General settings

If you don't see Knowledge Base section in the side menu, the first thing to do is to enable it in the General settings.

How to add a category

To create a category, go to the Knowledge Base page and click "Add Category" in the upper right corner or in the centre of the screen. When creating the category, enter the name and fill in the description. It is also possible to choose the icon and color of the category display on the knowledge base page.

⚠️ Without categories it is impossible to add articles.

You can assign a specific group of employees or one by adding a condition from the list:

  • type of employment

  • position

  • department

  • division

  • location

Important! Pay attention to the final number of employees when selecting multiple conditions. For example, let's select 2 conditions:

  • position - accountant;

  • type of employment "full-time".

If you select the filter "and" then the system will only select all full-time accountants.

And if you select the filter "or" then the system will select all accountants plus all employees with the type of employment "full-time".

⚠️ If you leave the fields blank, the category will be viewable by the entire organization.

How to add articles

  1. There are two ways to add articles:

  • on the Knowledge base page, select the desired category and click "Add article".

  • on the Knowledge Base page, click the button in the upper right corner "Add Article". Using this method of adding an article, you will need to select the category yourself.

2. In the opened window, fill in the Name field, choose a category from the drop-down list and enter the text of the article.

3. Choose for whom the article will be displayed by adding a condition in the "To Assigned" section. In the drop-down list, you will be able to select a condition from the many offered to you, just like in the categories section:

  • employees

  • department

  • divisions

  • locations

  • positions

  • types of employment

For example, if you want your article to be visible only to the HR department we select the following condition "Department includes HR."

⚠️ If the fields are left blank, the article is automatically assigned to all employees of the organization.

4. You can choose to be notified by email if necessary.

Assigned employees will be notified in the mail when the article is published.

Reordering of Knowledge base articles

The Knowledge base now includes the convenient feature of article reordering within created categories. Through a simple drag-and-drop functionality, users can establish the desired sequence for enhanced organization and accessibility.

Editing rights🖋

The administrator has full rights to add and edit articles.🔐 In case you do not have this right, please contact your account administrator.

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