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How do I use the pipeline?
How do I use the pipeline?

Learn how to use the pipeline when creating a new job

Updated over a week ago

When creating a job, select from the choices offered in the hiring cycle, the job cycle that includes the steps you added during its creation.

After you assign a candidate to a vacancy, he or she automatically gets to the "New Candidate" stage. You can then move it between stages by simply dragging it with your mouse, or through the candidate's card itself by clicking the "Promote" button.

In which reports it is used:

Recruitment funnel

Pipeline Statistics

This report provides detailed information on pipeline statistics related to recruiters and their work.

Time to fill

Shows how many candidates were moved to the "Hired" stage.

Important! To ensure that the indicators are displayed correctly in the reports, specify the following types when creating the pipeline stages:

Pipeline stage

Pipeline type



Offer sent


Offer sent


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