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Adding and using candidate tags
Adding and using candidate tags

Learn how to create and use candidate tags for organizing data

Updated over a week ago

Candidate tags offer a useful way to organize and categorize data in your database, enhancing the efficiency of your recruitment process. Here's how you can create and use candidate tags:

1. Creating Tags:

- Access the ''Settings'' section and navigate to the ''PeopleRecruit > Candidate Tags'' section.

- Click on the "Add" button to create a new tag.

- Enter the desired text for the tag and save it.

2. Attaching Tags to Candidates:

- In the candidate's profile or card, locate the ''Tags'' field.

- Add the relevant tags to the candidate by selecting them from the available options or typing in custom tags.

3. Utilizing Candidate Tags:

- To search for candidates based on tags, navigate to the candidate search or list view.

- Use the search or filter options to select the desired tags and display candidates with those tags.

By adding and using candidate tags, you can easily categorize and retrieve candidates based on specific criteria, allowing for more efficient candidate management and improved organization of your recruitment data.

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