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Creating case categories in Desk settings
Creating case categories in Desk settings

Learn how to create case categories

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The Desk module is designed to assist in managing a wide range of cases that may arise within the company. It provides a comprehensive platform for creating new cases and facilitating discussions with specific employees. In the ''Categories of cases'' section, you can specify any category of inquiries or requests from your employees to the management or HR department.

Some common categories you can include are:

  1. Financial matters: This category can cover requests related to salaries, reimbursements, benefits, or any other financial concerns.

  2. Technical issues: Employees can use this category to report technical problems they encounter with software, hardware, or any other technical systems within the company.

  3. Information updates: This category can be used for requests regarding updates to personal information, changes to account details, or any other information-related inquiries.

  4. HR inquiries: Employees can submit inquiries related to human resources, such as questions about company policies, leave requests, performance evaluations, or other HR-related matters.

  5. Complaints: This category can be designated for employees to report conflicts, or any issues they may be facing in the workplace.

Creating case categories

To effectively utilize the Desk module, follow these steps:

  1. Access the ''Settings'', in the Desk section choose ''Case categories''.

2. Click on the 'Add' button and input all relevant categories. These may include job changes, team conflicts, maternity leave, and more.

Assign the default asssignee for a specific case

When creating a new category, you have the option to choose default assignees for different case categories. This allows cases to be automatically routed to the appropriate team members.

For instance, in the ''Salary'' category, you can assign your accountant as the default assignee. Whenever a case is filed under this category, it will automatically be assigned to the accountant, who will receive a notification either via email or in the notification bar. From there, they can take the necessary action or reassign the case to another employee.

Manual assignment of responsible person for cases

If a specific category doesn't have a pre-assigned responsible person for cases, the HR manager or the person in charge of case management will receive the newly created case and assign it to an employee who can handle it. This assignment is done in the "Case details" widget under the "Assigned to" field.

By following these steps, you can effectively organize and assign cases within the Desk module, ensuring their proper resolution by responsible team members or employees.

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