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Effective case management using Desk module
Effective case management using Desk module

Learn how to effectively manage cases in PeopleForce.

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Setting up access rights for case management in PeopleForce

To effectively manage cases in PeopleForce, you can configure access rights. Here are simple steps to follow:

1. Access the settings and navigate to the "Roles and Permissions" section.

2. Select the role for which you want to configure rights and click "Edit."

3. In the role editing window, scroll down to the "Desk" section.

4. Check the box next to the "Manage cases" option.

5. Save the settings.

After saving the settings, users with the corresponding role will have access to case management.

Quick access to creating, viewing, and filtering cases

Quick access to creating, viewing, and filtering cases is done through the "Cases" tab in the left-hand main menu. You can perform the following actions:

1. Creating a new case: Click the "Create Case" button and provide the necessary information about the new case.

2. Viewing active, suspended, and closed cases: Review the list of all created cases and filter them by status.

3. Filtering cases by category: Use the category filter to quickly find and view cases related to a specific category, such as work changes, team conflicts, childcare leaves, etc.

Case management - status changes, responsible person, and category updates.

Managing a case, including changing its status, responsible person, and category, is done on the case page. On this page, you will find a widget with case details, where the following options are available:

  1. Assigned to: It indicates the person assigned to the case. If needed, you can change the responsible person by clicking on the respective item and selecting a new executor.

  2. Case status: It shows the current status of the case, such as "New," "In Progress," "On hold," or "Closed." You can change the case status if necessary.

  3. Case category: It represents the category to which the case belongs. You can view the assigned category, such as "Work Changes," "Team Conflicts," or "Childcare Leaves." If needed, you can change the case category.

Creating a case by a user with case management access rights

Users with case management access rights can create cases on behalf of employees if a complaint or request is received outside the PeopleForce system. This process involves the following steps:

1. In the "Cases" tab, click "Create a case."

2. Specify the employee associated with the case by filling in the "Associated to" field.

3. Select the most appropriate category that reflects the nature of the case and provide a brief and clear title and detailed description of the case.

4. Later on, assign a responsible person for resolving the case by specifying them in the "Case Details" widget.

Receiving notifications about assigned cases

After creating the case, the employee assigned to the case will receive notifications via email and within the system.

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