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Centralized leave request management, new ToDo's filter and sorting option, and more
Centralized leave request management, new ToDo's filter and sorting option, and more
Updated over a week ago

In a continual effort to enhance user convenience and efficiency, the PeopleForce Mobile App introduces several new features aimed at streamlining leave request management, task organization, and overall usability.

Centralized leave request management

Effortlessly access all your leave requests, including pending, approved, rejected, and withdrawn, in one convenient location within the "Me" section. In the "My time off" tab, you have comprehensive access to review all your requests.

Now, you can easily view the list of approvers and the status of your leave request directly in the leave request window. Additionally, you can use the "Nudge" feature to gently remind your manager about pending approvals.

Effortless leave request withdrawal

In the event of unexpected changes to your plans or accidental leave submissions, withdrawing a leave request is a straightforward process within the "Me" section. Simply navigate to the "My Time Off" tab, locate the specific leave you wish to withdraw, click the "Withdraw" button in the upper right corner, and confirm your action.

Attachments for leave requests

When the option to add attachments is enabled in the leave policy settings, employees can now seamlessly include, preview, and download PDF attachments while submitting their leave requests. The ability to attach relevant documents, such as medical certificates, travel itineraries, or any other necessary supporting materials, enhances the leave request process by providing additional context and clarity.

Streamlined To-Do's with new filter

The newly introduced filter in To-Do's significantly improves the mobile app's usability, particularly benefiting managers. It simplifies the focus on specific activities like approving leave requests, handling timesheets, managing personal tasks such as peer nominations, writing reviews, and conducting surveys. The Approvals filter guarantees efficient management of pending requests, minimizing the risk of overlooking them in the general queue.

Sorting options for improved To-do's management

In addition to the valuable filter feature, the latest update introduces the option to sort all tasks in the 'Todos' section, allowing users to arrange them from Newest first to Oldest first. Whether it's managing approvals, personal tasks, 1-on-1s, reviews, or surveys, users can seamlessly navigate through their 'Todos' with this chronological sorting option. This proves especially advantageous for managers who can quickly identify and address the most recent tasks, ensuring a prompt response to pending matters.

To-do's with the displayed icon on the screenshot serve as clickable links that redirect you to the relevant page associated with the respective to-do item on the PeopleForce website in your browser.

We look forward to your feedback on the new features of the application and will gladly use it for further platform development. If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions regarding the PeopleForce Mobile App, please contact us via email or contact our experts at the Help Center.

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