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How to use location picker for employee custom fields
How to use location picker for employee custom fields

Learn how to assign specific locations to the employee custom fields

Updated over a week ago

⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professional packages

Managing diverse employee profiles across different locations is now more seamless than ever. With our latest update, you can assign specific locations to individual custom fields, ensuring that the information displayed is relevant and tailored to each employee's work location.

The challenge:

Consider a scenario where a company has multiple locations, such as Warsaw and Berlin. Employees at these locations may require different sets of information based on their roles and local regulations. For instance, a designer in Berlin may find a Polish PESEL (national identification number used in Poland) irrelevant, while an engineer in Warsaw may not need information like Anmeldung relevant to Berlin.

The Solution:

Now, we've introduced a streamlined solution – the ability to assign a specific location to any custom field.

How it works:

Simply choose the desired location for each custom field, and the system will automatically display or hide the information based on the employee's work location.

This update simplifies the management of employee profiles in multi-location companies. Enhance user experience, and ensure that employees see the information that matters most to them. Upgrade to location-specific custom fields today! 🚀

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