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FAQs about employee change request form
FAQs about employee change request form
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What happens if a form doesn't have approvers?

Changes and associated workflows will be immediately triggered if no approvals are required.

What happens if a form has approvers?

  • A notification is sent to the first or only approver regarding the change(s).

  • Approvers will be requested to approve or reject the change(s).

  • Once all approvals are made, the change(s) will apply, triggering the workflow if enabled.

  • If any approver rejects the change request, subsequent approvers won't be notified, and the change won't be made.

  • The requester will be notified of the rejection.

What happens when a change request is rejected?

If any approver rejects the change request, subsequent approvers won't be notified, and the change won't be made. The change initiator will be notified that the request was denied.

When will the workflow be triggered?

If a workflow is enabled, it triggers upon the final approval.

What will the process of approval look like?

  • Approvers receive approval requests in the configured order.

  • Each approver in the sequence must confirm the change for it to take effect.

  • If no specific approvers are designated, changes will automatically update without individual confirmations.

What actions can administrators take regarding the approval process?

Admins can approve (if it's their turn), reject, force approve (override all approvers), or nudge the next approver in line.

How are changes applied in the system?

The application of changes depends on the configured approval settings. If designated approvers are part of the process, modifications will take effect only after their approval. However, if no approvals are required, changes will be implemented immediately.

Will the sensitive information regarding the previous salary be visible during the submission or approval of the request?

The Employee change request form includes sensitive information about the salary. Therefore, careful consideration is essential when assigning the approver or the individual submitting the request. If employee salary information is configured to be hidden in the permissions, it's crucial to be aware that during the approval or submission of a Salary update request, the designated responsible employee will have visibility into the salary history.

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