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Navigate your personal profile
Navigate your personal profile

Learn how to navigate and utilize various features and options available in your profile

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Within your profile settings, you have the flexibility to personalize your visual representation by adding, editing, or removing your photo, as well as adjusting your cover photo to reflect your unique identity and style.

The Actions button will display functions available based on the permissions of the employee's role. Here is an example of all possible variants for an employee with admin rights.

Personal tab

In the Personal tab, you have the ability to review and update your personal information, including contact details and organizational relationships. Here, you can also view details about your manager, employees you manage, teams you belong to, and your position within the organizational structure.

📌 In case you want to change your personal details and you don’t have permissions, then contact your account administrator for further assistance.

Job tab

The Job tab provides detailed information about the current position, division, job level, location, and employment status, along with the ability to store the entire history of changes. The Lifecycles widget enables tracking each hire and termination date for the same employee.

Timeline widget - all key employment-related milestones are now neatly organized in one intuitive interface. From hiring and probation to position changes, terminations, relocations, and rehires, gain instant insights into your team's journey with just a glance.


Compensation now has its own dedicated tab, allowing easy access to the history of all salary changes and additional compensation.

Time off

Stay organized with the Time off tab, which provides an overview of available leave types and your request history. Track accrued and used leave balances to manage your time effectively.

Performance tab

For users of the Perform module, the Performance tab offers a comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives, and a list of 1:1 relations and meetings. What's particularly valuable is the ability to access review results directly within the Performance tab of the Employee profile. Managers with specific permissions can review assessment outcomes across various review cycles, enhancing visibility and insights into employee performance over time.

Documents tab

🗂 To view your documents navigate to the Documents tab. Note, that this tab can be unavailable due to your permissions.

​Tasks tab

The Tasks tab can help you find all completed or active tasks by keywords.


If you click the More button, then in the dropdown menu you can find the following options:​

💻 Assets - the list of company assets that you use;
📞 Emergency - contacts of your relatives and friends, with whom your colleagues can contact in case of emergency (viewing such contacts is configured by the administrator);
👶 Children- here you can provide information about your children.

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