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In the People tab, users have access to all employees within the company, allowing them to view personal profiles and navigate through teams and the organizational chart with ease.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on accessing the directory, creating new employees, utilizing filters, monitoring onboarding progress, exporting employee lists, and setting up access rights.

Accessing the Directory

Accessing the directory is simple. Navigate to the People tab located on the left-hand side of your PeopleForce dashboard.

Creating employees from the Directory

Creating new employees is streamlined through the Directory. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Directory.

2. Click on the "Add employee" button.

3. Fill out the default form with the necessary employee details.

4. Ensure completion of mandatory fields.

5. Click "Next" to seamlessly transfer the information into the new employee's profile.

Using filters

The Directory offers various filters for customized searches:

- Status (e.g., all, terminated, employed, hired)

- Position

- Department

- Division

- Location

- Team

- Job level

- Type of employment

- Custom filter for specific criteria like employee email or ID.

With the new arrow pagination navigation, you can easily scroll through tables without having to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Tracking employee transitions in the Directory

In the directory, you can monitor employees on probation, onboarding, and offboarding, and track the status of tasks related to onboarding and offboarding.

Exporting employee lists

Export comprehensive lists of employees in XLSX or CSV formats:

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

2. Utilize filters to download specific employee data, such as terminated employees or employees from a particular department.

Setting up access rights

Customize access rights to the directory, org chart, and filters within PeopleForce:

1. Navigate to the "Roles and permissions" section in settings.

2. Select the desired role and click Edit.

3. Scroll down to permissions for company-wide actions.

4. Enable permissions in the General tab based on role requirements.

5. Save settings.

💡 Please note that you must have the appropriate administrator rights to be able to configure access rights.

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