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You are an interviewer

Detailed information on the Recruit module usage for interviews 🤓

Updated this week

Every employee in the company has the opportunity to participate in the hiring process as an interviewer. There’s no need for special permissions from the Recruit module. The HR manager or recruiter can simply add any employee as an interviewer when scheduling an interview from the Candidate card.


  • Email notification: All interview collaborators will receive a notification via email.

  • CV attachment: If there is a CV in the Candidate card, it will be attached to the invitation email, allowing interviewers to review it before the interview.

Joining the interview

  • Access via Me section: Interviewers can join the meeting through the "Me" section.

  • Available resources: The scorecard and CV (if previously added to the system) will be accessible to them.

Submitting the scorecard

  • Post-interview evaluation: After the interview, interviewers can evaluate candidates by navigating to the "Me" section and selecting "Interviews."

  • Scorecard submission: Choose the relevant interview, click on the "View scorecard" button, evaluate the candidate, and click the "Submit scorecard" button.

  • Auto-save feature: All changes made to the scorecard are automatically saved after any iteration.

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