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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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PeopleRecruit offers robust GDPR feature, providing a seamless way for companies to obtain consent from candidates regarding the use of their personal data.

Follow these steps to enable and configure GDPR features:

​Enabling GDPR features

Go to Settings > PeopleRecruit Settings > GDPR and click the Enable GDPR features button.

Candidate retention period

Determine how long the data retention period is for your stored candidate data. This period starts when the candidate applies on the careers site and ends after the set time.

Privacy policy

Integrate a link to your privacy policy within the consent request emails sent to candidates.

Include the email contact information of the individual responsible for data protection. This email is prominently displayed on the consent request page for candidate reference.

GDPR consent email

Compose the email subject and message that will be sent to candidates via email. This consent request can be sent to candidates manually added to your database, referred or sourced individuals, or those whose retention period is nearing expiration and you wish to retain them for an extended period, such as adding them to a talent pool.

To send this request to a candidate already in the vacancy funnel, click on the three dots in the candidate card and select "GDPR request consent."

Candidates receive the GDPR request consent in their email, where they can follow the provided link to review additional information about the privacy policy and accept or reject the request. Additionally, candidates can use the email contact of the privacy officer to inquire about the deletion of their personal data.

Require application consent

If you wish to mandate consent from all applicants during the application process, mark the "Require application consent" checkbox and insert the text of the consent request.

Applicants will be prompted to provide consent for data storage within a specified timeframe when applying for a vacancy on the Career Site.

After the applicant has either accepted or rejected the request to store their data, you can easily check the GDPR status of your candidates with a quick glance at their profile within the candidate card.

🚀 Stay compliant, build trust with candidates, and foster a secure and transparent recruitment process with PeopleRecruit's GDPR capabilities.

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