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Zoom Integration

Learn how to install, use and uninstall Zoom Integration

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This article will guide you through setting up Zoom Integration for easier scheduling of interviews. You will need PeopleRecruit module to use this integration. This integration allows your recruiters to schedule interviews on behalf of your Zoom users and generate meeting information to send to your candidates and interviewers.

You need to add an Administrative Zoom account, that has all your users added into. More details on adding users are here.

How to install

Option 1. From PeopleForce

To open Integrations settings, you must have "Administrator" access rights or have access to the "Integrations" section 🔒. Contact your system manager to find out more about your access rights.

  1. To install the Zoom integration, navigate to the Settings section and select Integrations. Look for Zoom in the list of available integrations and click on it. This will take you to the Zoom integration page, where you can click on the Install button to proceed with the installation process.

2. If you are not logged in to your Zoom account in your web browser, you will need to log in first. After you are logged in, the page will refresh, and you will see that the integration has been enabled.

Option 2. From Zoom App Marketplace

1. Login to your Zoom account and open Zoom App Marketplace .
2. In the search bar in the top right corner, enter PeopleForce.
3. In search results, choose PeopleForce, by PeopleForce.
4. In the page, click Visit website to install.
5. Login into your PeopleForce account and follow the instruction above (Option 1. From PeopleForce) to install integration.

How to Use

Open a candidate that you want to schedule an interview with. Select Zoom method as the method type for the interview, and then select a Zoom user account that you want to use for the interview.

If you change date, time, participants or Zoom account calendar invitation will be automatically updated.

How to Uninstall

Option 1. From PeopleForce

Go to "Settings -> Integrations.'' In the Integrations block, find Zoom and click the "Uninstall'' button. Your Zoom admin account will be removed, and Zoom method will be removed from scheduling future interviews. This will not affect existing interviews.

Option 2. From Zoom App Marketplace

1. Login to your Zoom account and open Zoom App Marketplace .
2. Click Manage -> Installed Apps or search for PeopleForce app.
3. Click the PeopleForce app.
4. Click Uninstall.

If you have any questions or issues you can contact our support via email or using help window popup. To access it, click your name in top right corner on any page and choose Help.

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