Integration with Djinni
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This article provides comprehensive guide on how to integrate employer accounts with Djinni job site in PeopleForce system. It covers the process of adding accounts, publishing vacancies, managing publication statuses, integrating existing publications, and synchronizing candidate data from the Djinni job site to the PeopleForce system.

Setting up the integration will allow PeopleForce to share certain recruiting data, such as hired candidate information, with Djinni.

The integration will allow PeopleForce to share certain recruiting data with Djinni, such as information about hired candidates.

Get started by adding an account to the job site

To integrate, please reach out to your manager at PeopleForce and request them to enable the integration for you. Once enabled, follow these steps to add your account to Djinni's job site:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Select the integration with the Djinni job site.

  3. Click the "Install" button.

  4. In the window that appears, enter a name for your API key.

Don't see the section you need in your Djinni profile? Contact [email protected] to request API access for you

5. Copy your API key from your profile on Djinni.

6. Paste it into the API Key field and save.

After successful addition, the account will appear in the installed integration.

Important! It is recommended to add integration only with an administrator account on Djinni, so that recruiters' accounts will be automatically pulled up.

Adding multiple employer accounts to the system

To add multiple employer accounts to the system, you can integrate multiple Djinni job sites accounts at the same time.

To add additional accounts, just repeat the process. Go to the integrations section and select the Djinni integration you want to integrate with. Then enter the key name and the copied API key. This is a simple process that will allow you to manage multiple accounts with ease.

Important! When you post a new job, you can choose which account to use. Once published, the employer account cannot be changed.

Integrating and publishing a vacancy

  1. Create a new job in the Recruiting section. Make sure that the job title and description match the corresponding fields in the Details and Description sections. Fill in all required fields of the new job and save your changes.

  2. In the created job, go to the Integration tab and click the Add button. In the drop-down menu, select the Djinni API key.

  3. Fill in all required fields and click Save. If you intend to create a draft, you do not need to specify the type of publication. To publish the job, click the Publish button.

The published vacancy must undergo approval by Djinni. Once it is checked for compliance with the platform's rules and criteria, it will be approved and subsequently published on the Djinni website.

Publication statuses

Draft - you have added an account, it is in the process of filling in the fields for further publication on the site.

Published - your job has been successfully published on the specified job site, candidates are synchronized (if the employer's API is active).

Inactive - you have disabled candidate synchronization, but the job posting will still be active on the site.

Error - your post, for example, does not contain required fields or has another error. You can always see it on the post page. If you have any questions about the information or errors displayed, you can always contact us.

Synchronizing candidates

Candidates who respond from the Djinni website will be automatically transferred to the integrated job posting in the PeopleForce system and added to your candidate database.

How often are candidates transferred to the system?

Candidates are transferred unilaterally from the job site to PeopleForce and occur immediately after the integration of an active job posting from the system (if the job has already been published on the site before) every 30 minutes.

You can track how many candidates apply to your job through the main job page in the Integrations tab.

What data about a candidate will be automatically added to their profile?

All the fields that were filled in by the candidate when submitting a response to the job will be automatically pulled into their candidate profile.

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