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HR Slack bot integration and it's features
HR Slack bot integration and it's features

Learn how to enable HR Slack bot to streamline HR processes and improve communication within your organization

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The HR Slack bot enables you to receive notifications regarding various leave requests, such as annual leave and sick leave. You can conveniently approve or reject leave requests directly through Slack. Additionally, the bot provides information about assigned tasks, surveys, reviews and announcements. It allows you to search the knowledge base for relevant information using keywords. It also sends notifications 10 minutes before scheduled 1-on-1 meetings and offers various other functionalities. Continue reading to discover how to enable and utilize these features.

After the HR Slack bot will be installed by the admin, every employee is required to install Slack integration. To do so they can go to their account details and install it from there. More details here.

How to activate the HR Slack bot

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Slack bot.

2. Click the Install button on the open page. This integration page here allows you to enable or disable the bot across your whole company.

After installation, you can explore the feature set, which is divided into notifications and commands.


Notifications come automatically when you take an action in PeopleForce. For example, your employee requests a sick leave or you have been assigned a task.

  • Leave request notification: No additional configuration is needed if your Slack account is already added to PeopleForce. New requests will automatically come to you when it's your turn to review the request. You can view general information, navigate to it in PeopleForce, or approve/reject it.

  • New task notification

  • Calendar events notification

  • New announcements notification


You can use the commands functionality to request specific information. Type /peopleforce help to see a list of commands.

For example:

  • Use /peopleforce knowledgebase [search_text] to search for an article using keywords.

  • Use /peopleforce leave_requests to check your leave requests and their status.

  • Use /peopleforce tasks to view your current tasks.

  • Use /peopleforce who_is_out to check which colleagues are out today.

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