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Slack ''Who's out'' integration
Slack ''Who's out'' integration

Learn how to set up daily who's out delivery in your Slack channel

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PeopleForce offers an integration with Slack "Who's out" notification channel, providing users with real-time updates in a designated Slack channel about employees out of the office today, along with details about the type of leave they are on.

⚠️ Slack ''Who's out'' notification channel is installed by the admin of the system.

How to activate Slack "Who's out" integration

To activate the Slack "Who's out" integration to receive notifications about employees currently out of the office today, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Slack "Who's out" notification channel.

2. Click the Install button on the open page.

3. Select the Slack account for integration, choose the channel for notifications, and click the Allow button.

It is possible that your corporate Slack has restrictions on adding applications by users, in which case you leave a request for installation, and when your Slack administrator approves it, you can use it.

4. Set notification days, time, and leave types to include. Save your preferences.

Upon successful integration, your chosen Slack channel will confirm the addition of the integration.

The notifications will be sent to the selected channel on predefined days and at scheduled times.

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