Slack bot allows you to receive messages about requests for leave, sick leave and other types of absences, learn about assigned tasks, and see balance sheets of absences, requests for absences, tasks, search in the knowledge base and know who is out of the office today.

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Feature set can be divided into notifications and commands.


Notifications come automatically when you take an action in PeopleForce. For example, your employee requests a sick leave or you have been assigned a task.

Absence request notification

There is no need to configure them additionally, if you have already added your Slack account to PeopleForce, new requests will start coming to you as soon as it is your turn to consider the request. You will be able to view general information on the request, navigate to it in PeopleForce, or approve/reject it.

New task notification

Notification of upcoming events in the calendar

Notification of new announcements


You can use the commands functionality in case you need to request some information. You can see a list of commands by typing /peopleforce help.

For example, with the /peopleforce knowledgebase [search_text] command you can search for an article using keywords.

With the /peopleforce leave_requests command you can check your requests for absence and their status.

Using the /peopleforce tasks command you can view your current tasks.

And you can also use the /peopleforce who_is_out command to check which of your colleagues are absent today.

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