PeopleForce Prospector

A Google Chrome browser extension that allows adding candidates to your PeopleRecruit module with a few clicks.

Looking for where to download it? You can find it in the Chrome web store this link

Login to PeopleForce Prospector

  • To enter, click on the extension icon. The window that opens will ask you to enter your company's domain.

To find a domain, open your PeopleForce page and note the address bar of your browser. Your link looks like, where company is your domain.

  • If you entered the domain correctly, you will be prompted to log into your PeopleForce account. Enter your work email and password.

⚠️ Login to the extension is possible only with the work email specified in your account. If you usually use personal mail to log in to the system, specify it as work one.

  • Now you can add candidates!

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