While hiring, when a candidate moves through the pipeline to the interview stage, you can schedule an interview with him in the system.

In this case, it is important to set the following functions in the configurations before this:

  • Types in pipelines

  • Interview templates

  • Calendar integration (optional)


In the settings in the PeopleRecruit section, go to Pipelines.
At the stage of the interview, select the type "Interview", through the "edit" button.

With this setting, the system will correctly track the hiring process of candidates by vacancy and analyze statistics in reports.

Interview templates

In settings under PeopleRecruit go to Interview templates.
Here, you can create draft letters that will be sent to candidates when they are invited for an interview through the system.
You need to name the template (by its name you will choose which template you want to send) and fill in the text of the email, this can be done using placeholders, that available in the system. For example, data about the candidate, about the vacancy, about the person responsible for hiring, about the sender, and more.

Example of the interview template:

Integration with Google Calendar

You can configure integration if you want the interviews scheduled in the system to be synchronized and displayed in your personal calendar with meetings.
To activate this integration, you need to go to your account settings (click on your name in the upper right corner and click on your account) and select the Google Calendar icon at the bottom of the page, enter your data and connect the account to which you want to add interviews.

Creating an interview

To create an interview with a candidate through PeopleForce, you need to go to the Recruiting tab and open the database of candidates or vacancies.
Go to the card of the desired candidate and open the Interview section and click on the "Schedule interview" button.
Next, to create an interview, you need:

  1. Select a vacancy;

  2. Indicate the interview method;

  3. Location (it can be an address or a link where you can connect with a candidate online);

  4. Choose the date and time of the interview;

  5. Specify the duration;

  6. Interviewers, these are the employees who will attend the interview (if you are creating an interview, and you are also a participant in it, don't forget to add yourself here);

  7. Invite Candidate - check if you want to send an invitation letter to the candidate for this interview. Leave empty if the event only needs to be added to the recruiters' calendar, and the candidate will be invited by another method.

  8. Request scorecard - adds a link to the candidate's scorecard to the interview email;

  9. Choose the email template.

The system has the ability to integrate with Zoom (by choosing a Zoom method), for interview scheduling and direct meeting synchronization. You can get more information about the integration at the link.

Example of a letter received by a recruiter participating in an interview:

Example of the letter that the candidate receives:

Through the calendar widget, candidates will also be able to add the event to their calendar by clicking on the "Add to calendar" link in the description above.

Where will information about the scheduled interview be displayed?

After creating an interview with a candidate, all its participants will see an entry in the personal calendar, such events are not displayed in the company calendar.
You need to go to the "Me" tab, the Interview section. Here is a list of scheduled and completed interviews:

You can track the productivity of recruiters in the company and the success of hiring through the Recruiter activities report, which will display statistics on all recruiters and their actions with candidates in the system, including the number of interviews.
Click on the Reports tab of the admin panel, scroll down to the PeopleRecruit section and open the "Recruiter activities" report.

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