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PeoplePulse: User guide for employees
PeoplePulse: User guide for employees

Detailed information on the survey module usage for employees. 😊

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Discover the Power of Surveys with PeopleForce! 📊🤩

PeopleForce offers a comprehensive survey feature that enables your company to measure job satisfaction, assess efficiency, and productivity, and gather valuable feedback on corporate culture. And guess what? You can participate in these surveys too!

When a survey begins, you'll receive a unique email link to complete it. Remember not to share this link with colleagues, as each link is personalized for individual employees.

Surveys may be anonymous or non-anonymous; this information will be specified in the email notification or the survey's start page. Feel free to ask the colleague who initiated the survey if you are in doubt.

Our surveys offer various question types, including rating scales, single-select, multiple-choice, open text, and Net Promoter Score.

Here's a glimpse of how a survey might look:

📌 Where to access surveys?

1. Click the link sent to your email.

2. Find the survey under "Me" → "Overview" in PeopleForce.

3. In the PeopleForce Slackbot if integrated (for more details, read this material).

Can I retake a survey if it accidentally closed?

Yes! If you accidentally close the survey page, no worries. Simply navigate to the "Me" section, and you'll be redirected to where you left off during the survey.

Can I change my answers after submission?

Unfortunately, no. Please be attentive while providing your answers, as you won't be able to modify them once you proceed to the next question.

Who can access my answers?

Typically, survey results are accessible to those employees who initiated the survey or are directly involved. The policy might vary in your company, and sometimes survey results can be shared if the survey was general in nature. For specific survey details, contact your manager.

Reminder Functionality:

In some cases, you might receive a reminder to complete a survey. This feature is optional and depends on your company's settings.

Congratulations on Completing the Survey! 🎉

Your valuable insights will help your colleagues analyze the responses and take actions to make our company an even better place for you! ❤️

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