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Set up a company survey from scratch
Set up a company survey from scratch

Learn how to create and launch a survey

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Surveys allow to efficiently collect honest feedback, opinions and responses from employees, and use that information to improve operations, reduce employee turnover and improve the level of communication between the managers and employees.

  • Surveys can be sent to employees while preserving their anonymity, ensuring complete and unbiased results.

  • The survey templates offers numerous research-based surveys covering various topics such as employee well-being, engagement, employee satisfaction, team performance, and more.

  • You can quickly survey your team with 4-5 questions, launching them in just minutes.

How to set up a survey

  1. From the left menu, select Surveys.

  2. If you’d like to set up a new survey:

    • Click + Create survey to create a new survey from a template or scratch.

    • Select an existing survey, then from the three dots menu, select Make a copy to copy an existing survey and make necessary changes.

  3. If you want to continue editing a draft survey, click on this survey.

In the pop-up window :

  • Enter a survey name that describes the survey goal.

  • Choose the survey language.

  • Mark checkbox labeled Anonymous survey if you want the answers to be anonymous.


  • Provide a name for the survey and select the language.

  • ✔ Enable anonymity if desired.

  • Allow back navigation for participants to revisit and modify their answers.

  • Set up the email template for the survey invitation.

  • Set the minimum number of responses needed to view results (recommended default: 5).

  • Craft a compelling survey introduction message.


  1. Sections:

    • Create different sections to organize your questions.

  2. Question types:

    • Choose from 5 question types:

      • Rating: Answer options in a range from 1-5.

      • Single Select: Choose one option.

      • Multiple Choice: Choose several answers.

      • Text: Written response in a text box.

      • Net Promoter Score: Scale from 0 to 10.

  3. Adjustments:

    • Customize answer scales, enable comments, and select evaluation drivers.

    • ✔ Mandatory comments can be marked.


  • Default participants include all company employees.

  • Choose specific employee groups using flexible filters.

  • Preview the survey setup before publishing.

Launch plan

After saving the draft, set up a launch plan:

  1. Specify start and end dates and times.

  2. Optimize response rates by adding reminders, especially in the middle and closer to the end.

Tip: To increase participation, include survey objectives, remind participants of the survey anonymity, and inform participants of how long it will take to complete the survey.

3. Click Save if you’d like to finish setting up the survey later, or click Save and publish if you’re done setting up the survey.

Publishing and access

  • Click Preview and ensure everything is set up correctly.

  • After preview, publish the survey.

  • Employees receive invitation emails with survey links or notification in the the system.

  • Access the survey in the Me > Overview tab.


What can I edit once a survey is launched? What cannot be changed after a survey has been launched?

After launching a survey, you can edit the survey name and the end date of the survey. You cannot edit the participants. If you chose the survey to be anonymous, this setting cannot be changed after survey is launched. Once the survey is launched, you can only edit parts of the survey form that will not interfere with the results standardization, such as text data and typos that will not affect the form calculation or results.

What permissions are needed to manage a survey?

If you are not the administrator of the system, you need specific permissions to manage surveys. An administrator can grant these permissions in the Roles and permissions settings.

In the Roles & permissions section, navigate to Edit role/New role → Company → Pulse. Check the box labeled Manage surveys to enable survey management permissions.

Done! 😉 Conducting surveys is a proactive approach to understanding your workforce and fostering a culture of openness and responsiveness.

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