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Set up a survey using a template
Set up a survey using a template

Learn how to create and launch a survey using a ready-made template

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Surveys play a pivotal role in gathering feedback, opinions, and responses from employees. This valuable information aids in enhancing operations, reducing turnover, and fostering improved communication between managers and employees.

Creating a survey using a template

1. Navigate to the Surveys section on the menu bar and choose ''Create survey > Using a template.''

2. Choose from a variety of ready-made survey templates or create custom questions.

  • Stress management

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Gallup's Q12 main

  • Engagement index

  • Gallup's Q12 alternative

  • Team performance


In the Details section:

- Give the name to the survey and choose the language.

- ✔ Mark the checkbox for anonymity if desired.

- Enable back navigation to allow participants to go back to previous questions to change their answers.

- Set up the email template for the survey invitation.

- In the Anonymity threshold field enter the minimum number of responses that are required to view results of a question or segment. The recommended default number is 5.

- Craft a survey introduction message.


In the ''Questions'' tab:

- View and edit existing questions.

- Adjust answer scales, enable comments, and choose evaluation drivers.

- Use system templates or create custom questions.

- ✔ Mark the checkbox for mandatory comments.


- Default participants include all company employees.

- Choose specific employee groups using flexible filters.

- Preview the survey setup before publishing.

Launch plan

After saving the draft, set up a launch plan:

- Specify start and end dates and times.

- Optimize response rates by adding reminders, especially in the middle and closer to the end.

Publishing and access

- Click ''Preview'' and ensure everything is set up correctly.

- After preview, publish the survey.

- Employees receive invitation emails with survey links.

- Access the survey in the ''Me > Overview tab.''

Completing a survey provides employees a channel to express their voices. It's a vital tool for identifying and preventing issues early, contributing to continuous improvement in employee engagement.

Done! 😉 Conducting surveys is a proactive approach to understanding your workforce and fostering a culture of openness and responsiveness.

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