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Learn how to integrate your PeopleForce account with job sites

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This article provides comprehensive guidance on integrating employer accounts with various job sites in the PeopleForce system. It covers the process of adding accounts, publishing vacancies, managing publication statuses, integrating existing publications, and synchronizing candidate data from job sites to the PeopleForce system.

Start with adding your account to a job site

To add your account to a job site, go to "Settings > Integrations". From there, choose the integration with one of the job sites:,, or HeadHunter.

Click Install button. In the window that pops up, enter the username and password to your employer's account.

Important! You can only add an integration with an employer account.

The successfully added account will appear in the installed integration.

Add multiple employer accounts to the system

To incorporate multiple employer accounts into the system, you can seamlessly integrate accounts from various job sites like,, and Headhunter simultaneously.

To add extra accounts, simply replicate the process. Navigate to the integration section and select the logo of the desired job site you wish to integrate with. Then, input your username and password for that specific site. It's a straightforward process that allows you to manage multiple accounts with ease.

Important! When you publish a new vacancy, you will be able to choose which account to use. Once it is published, the employer account cannot be changed.

Vacancy integration and publication

Step 1: Start by creating a new vacancy within the Recruiting section. Ensure that the title and description for the job site match the corresponding fields in the Details and Description sections. Proceed to fill in all mandatory fields for the new vacancy and save your changes.

Step 2: In the created vacancy navigate to the Integration tab and click on the Add button. From the dropdown menu, choose the employer account and select the desired job site for publication.

Step 3: Complete all required fields and then click on Save. For publishing a vacancy on, ensure you possess an available publication of the appropriate type. If you intend to create a draft instead, there's no necessity to specify the publication type.

You can follow the same procedure to publish a vacancy on and Headhunter.

For fill in the fields in the corresponding tab, and if you want to add a draft, leave the "Publish" checkbox blank.

Publication statuses

Draft - you have added an account, it is in the process of filling in the fields for future publication on the site.

Published - your job is successfully published on the specified job site, candidates are synchronized (if the employer API is available and working).

Inactive - you have disabled candidate synchronization, but the publication will still be active on the site.

Erroneous - your publication, for example, does not contain the required fields or there is some other error. You can always see it on the page of this publication. If you have questions about a displayed error, you can always contact us.

Integration with an existing publication on the job site

You can't integrate from PeopleForce if your job site already has a publication. But don't worry, our team is ready to assist. Simply add your employer account and share links to both the job in PeopleForce and the publication. Our team will handle the linking process for you.

Candidate synchronization

Candidates who responded on job sites will automatically be transferred to the integrated job posting in the PeopleForce system and added to your candidate database.

What candidates will be transferred? Candidates who are not in the black list, whose applications haven't been archived and not rejected with respect to the job. and Headhunter: All candidates

Have Headhunter API for candidates' transfer is paid for all regions except Ukraine. You can check the cost with your manager at Headhunter or on the Headhunter website.

What candidate data will be transferred?

First and last name, last name, photo, cell phone, e-mail address, resume ( only supports transferring text from resume), cover letter, date of birth, if the candidate has them.

All candidates referred from, and Headhunter have the appropriate source, as well as attached a link to his application on the site.

Headhunter candidates also have a list of skills, which is transferred to the system.

How often are candidates transferred?

The transfer of candidates goes unilaterally from the job site to PeopleForce and occurs immediately after the integration of an active vacancy publication from the system and every 60 minutes.

You can track all transferred candidates on your vacancy home page in the Integration tab.

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