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Lezo integration

Learn how to generate an API key in PeopleForce and integrate it into your LEZO account

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Meet LEZO's integration with PeopleForce. LEZO is an AI career service that matches candidates with jobs not based on job titles, but on the candidate's previous experience and skills - i.e., the skill-first hiring approach.

What will the integration bring to you and your team?

  • Save time when saving and entering data into the system: you don't need to manually fill in the data

  • Speed of data transfer: one click - and the basic information about the candidate + his/her CV is already in PeopleForce

  • The ability to use the integration by several recruiters from your company at once: all the candidates they find will be included in a single database in the system

  • Duplicate tracking: if a specialist has already been in your candidate database, the information will be overwritten with more up-to-date information.

To use this integration, you need to generate an API key in PeopleForce and integrate it into your LEZO account.

Step 1. Generating an API Key in PeopleForce

  1. Log in to PeopleForce.

  2. Go to Settings > Security> API keys.

  3. Click on the Generate button.

  4. Enter the name for the API key, set up the permissions, and finally save the key.

  5. Copy the key.

Step 2. Integrating API Key into Lezo account

  1. Log in into your Lezo account.

  2. Go to Company profile -> Integrations.

  3. In the PeopleForce integration, paste the API Key into PeopleForce integration key field.

  4. Click the Connect key button.

💡 If you have several recruiters in your company and they use different LEZO accounts, recruiters can use the same API key. In this case, all candidates that recruiters add to PeopleForce from different LEZO accounts will be included in the PeopleForce system.

Step 3. Create a vacancy in Lezo

1. On the Vacancies tab, click Create a vacancy.

2. Fill in all the fields.

3. Use the Preview option to check how your job looks like before you post it.

4. Publish the vacancy.

Step 4. Reviewing candidates

1. After posting a vacancy, the system will offer you candidates who best meet your requirements.

2. To view all candidates, click View candidates.

Step 5. Adding candidates to the PeopleForce system

1. Select a candidate and view their information and CV.

2. If you like the candidate, like the candidate's profile. The candidate will be automatically moved to the Likes tab.

3. Go to the Likes tab, select the candidate and click the Send to PeopleForce button. The candidate will be sent to the system and appear in the Candidates tab.

Step 6. Assign a candidate to a vacancy in PeopleForce

All candidates sent from Lezo will appear in the Candidates tab. To assign them to a vacancy, do the following:

  1. In the Candidates tab, select the required candidate.

  2. In the candidate's card, click Assign.

  3. Select the vacancy.

After assigning a candidate to a vacancy, they will be smoothly transferred to the vacancy funnel. Initially, they will enter the first stage, their source in the candidate's card is indicated as LEZO.

What fields are automatically transferred to the candidate profile in PeopleForce?

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Position (by job title)

  • Phone number

  • Resume

  • Salary

  • Cover letter - Lezo's Superpower (this is where the candidate on the Lezo service tells about their best skill)

  • Source where the candidate came from (LEZO)

  • Links, if the candidate has them in their profile

How do I update the candidate's data in the system?

If there is a situation where the candidate's data has already been entered into our system before, it will be automatically updated and overwritten with the most current information. That is, if your candidate has changed their surname or added something new and interesting to their portfolio, you will receive the most recent information. But the source will, of course, be overwritten and listed as Lezo.

You can also update the data directly from your Lezo account by clicking the Update Candidate Data button in the candidate's profile on this platform, and Lezo will confirm to you with a notification that it has updated and transferred the data to PeopleForce.

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