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Creating scorecards for interviews
Creating scorecards for interviews

Learn how to create a scorecard for an interview with a candidate

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Scorecards are useful tools for gathering feedback from interviewers about candidates. They provide a structured format for evaluating candidates based on specific criteria.

Creating a scorecard for interviews:

  1. Access the ''Settings'' section and navigate to ''PeopleRecruit > Scorecards.''

  2. Click on the "Add Scorecard" button to create a new scorecard.

  3. Provide a name for the scorecard to easily identify it.

4. Add questions to the scorecard:

- In the "Title" field, enter the question that interviewers will answer.

- Optionally, provide a description or additional context for the question.

- Select the question type, such as a five-point rating scale or standard evaluation types available in the system.

- If you want the question to be mandatory, mark the checkbox for "Required."

5. Save the question in the scorecard.

6. Edit, delete, add new questions, or rearrange the order of questions as needed.

By creating scorecards, you can establish a consistent evaluation framework for interviewers to assess candidates. The scorecards help ensure a standardized assessment process and facilitate effective candidate comparison and decision-making.

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