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Adding vacancy and candidate fields
Adding vacancy and candidate fields

Learn how to add additional vacancy and candidate fields

Updated over a week ago

To enhance your candidate and job information, you can create custom fields for vacancies and candidates. These fields allow you to collect additional data according to your specific requirements.

Candidate Fields:

1. Access the ''Settings'' section by clicking on the left of the page, navigate to the ''PeopleRecruit'' section, then select "Candidate Fields."

2. On the ''Candidate Fields'' page, you can create new fields. Choose the field type from the drop-down list, such as text field, expanded text field, integer number, yes/no, select one answer, select multiple answers, or date.

3. Additionally, you can provide a description or help text in the Help field to provide further clarification.

4. Enable or disable fields using the slider on the right side. You can also edit or delete fields using the corresponding buttons.

Vacancy Fields:

1. The process for creating and managing vacancy fields follows a similar approach. In the ''Settings'' section, select "Vacancy Fields."

2. Create new fields, and choose the appropriate field type based on your needs.

3. Edit or delete fields as required using the corresponding buttons.

By utilizing vacancy and candidate fields, you can capture and organize the specific information that is relevant to your hiring process.

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