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Assets. Adding and assigning assets
Assets. Adding and assigning assets

Learn how to add assets to the system and assign them to employees

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⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professional packages

For greater convenience, the PeopleForce system provides the ability to maintain an inventory of all company assets, which greatly simplifies the workflow and reduces the number of tables.

How to enable Assets in general settings

To start working with this section you need to activate the "Assets" field in the "General" settings section.

How to add a property category

The first step is to conduct an inventory count of assets, that is, to categorize and fully list all available inventory.

The PeopleForce system already provides basic asset categories. To add or edit the list, go to Settings > PeopleHR > Assets Categories.

How to add assets

Once the categories are updated, you can proceed to add assets. To do this, go to the "Assets" section and click in the upper right corner on the "New Asset" button.

Obligatory fields to be filled in

  • ID

  • Name

  • Category

  • Location

You can also specify

  • Serial Number

  • Price

  • Warranty expires on

  • Description

How to assign an asset to an employee

Once all the assets have been added, you can assign an employee. To do this, go to the "Directory" section and select the desired employee. On the employee card, find the "More" > "Assets" > "Assign" button. Then select the property from the list. Select the date of issuance and save.

According to the same scheme we carry out the return of equipment. For example, during the offboarding procedure, a task will be set to surrender equipment (or any assigned assets).

How to use filters

On the Assets page, you can filter the company's existing assets.

Access Rights

The account administrator can grant access rights to any employee to manage assets or view assets according to your organization's rules. If you do not see this field, contact your administrator.

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