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Detailed information on the survey module usage for employees 😊

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PeopleForce introduces a robust survey feature, empowering your company to gauge job satisfaction, assess efficiency and productivity, and gather invaluable feedback on corporate culture.

How it works:

At the start of a survey, you will receive an individualized email link. Keep this link confidential, as it is specifically tailored for each employee. Additionally, you can access your survey through the notification in the system or in the To-Dos widget.

Survey types:

Surveys may be anonymous or non-anonymous, with details specified in the email notification or survey start page. Various question types, including rating scales, single-select, multiple-choice, open text, and Net Promoter Score, cater to diverse feedback needs.

Accessing surveys:

  • Click the email link sent to you, or check the Notifications bar or To-Dos widget.

  • Locate the survey under "Me" → "Overview" in PeopleForce.

  • Alternatively, access the survey through the PeopleForce Slackbot if integrated (refer to provided material for details).

Reminder functionality:

Some cases may include a reminder to complete a survey. This optional feature depends on your company's settings.


Can I retake a survey if it accidentally closed?

Yes! If you accidentally close the survey page, no worries. Simply navigate to the "Me" section, and you'll be redirected to where you left off during the survey.

Can I change my answers after submission?

Unfortunately, no. Please be attentive while providing your answers, as you won't be able to modify them once you proceed to the next question.

Who can access my answers?

Typically, survey results are accessible to those employees who initiated the survey or are directly involved. The policy might vary in your company, and sometimes survey results can be shared if the survey was general in nature. For specific survey details, contact your manager.

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