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Microsoft Outlook integration
Microsoft Outlook integration

Learn how to enable the Microsoft Outlook integration on the company level and how to use Teams with interviews and 1-on-1s

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What can this integration do?

This integration can automatically add your PeopleForce events (such as Interviews, and 1-on-1s) to your Outlook Calendar and display the Teams link for your meeting in PeopleForce.

How to enable integration

To enable the integration, go to Integrations, select Microsoft Outlook from the list and click the Install button.

⚠️ This is domain-level integration, therefore user performing integration must have permissions such as Admin for Microsoft Business 365.

After the integration is enabled, users will be matched by their work emails. If the work email doesn't match any of the emails in the 365 workspaces, such employee will not be able to use the benefits of the integration.

How to use Teams with Interviews

  1. To schedule an interview with Microsoft Teams, open a job candidate and select the Microsoft Teams method.

    2. All the Interviewers will see the scheduled interview in the ''Me'' section > ''Interviews'' tab.

How to use with 1-on-1s

Create 1-on-1 and verify that the status of 1-on-1 is Scheduled. In the future, a link to join with Teams will be added automatically.

Scheduled 1 on 1 meetings will automatically be added to the organizer, and employee calendar with a link to join.

How to remove integration?

To remove the integration, go to Settings > Microsoft Outlook. Click Uninstall and confirm changes. The integration will be shortly uninstalled and will not affect you or your employees anymore.

What does Company-level integration mean?

Company-level integration is managed by the organisation admin, which is safer as it prevents users from integrating with unapproved sources or changes of phishing. It doesn’t put pressure on each user to go into their accounts and set up an integration - integration is done once. It will affect everyone who is matched by the integration parameter (usually work email). It can be controlled on a company level and uninstalled at once for every user.

User-level integration is managed by every user, which allows more freedom in selecting an account to integrate. The user’s email doesn’t have to match the email in PeopleForce, as there’s only one user integrating at a time.

The approach should be chosen based on the type of integration and information it will get access to.


I don’t see Settings or Integrations

It could be that your user doesn’t have access to these pages. Please contact your PeopleForce administrator to enable integration or provide you access.

I don’t see the integration in the list

Google Meet integration is only available for PeopleRecruit or PeoplePerform users. If your company is not a subscriber to one of those modules you will not be able to see the integration or install it.

When I try to add integration, I don’t see available accounts

Make sure your company uses the Business 365 plan from Microsoft. You will not be able to integrate with your personal email, only with the Business package.

When I try to add integration, I receive an error

If you receive an error that you don't have sufficient permissions check that you are an admin or have integration permissions for Microsoft Business 365.

If you receive other errors please reach out to our support.

I integrated but don’t see events in my calendar

  1. Make sure that you have the same work email in PeopleForce as your email in Business 365. Users will be able to use integration only if their emails match both systems.

  2. Only events created after integrations will be affected by the integration. Events that were created before successful integration will not be affected or synced from PF to your Outlook calendar.

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