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How to integrate PeopleForce with eRecruiter
How to integrate PeopleForce with eRecruiter
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Integration of the systems is extremely simple. You can do it yourself with just a few clicks! You just need to generate the eRecruiter access token and PeopleForce API token. And then pass them to the PeopleForce support team.

Get started with the integration

1. Log in to the eRecruiter system. Click on the photo assigned to your profile, then select Settings.

2. Navigate to the Integrations with eRecruiter tab. In the Partners list find PeopleForce and then click Activate.

3. The system will offer two variants of permissions for employs:

  • Selected recruitments (recommended),

  • All recruitments.

Select one, then click the Generate access token button.

4. The system will display information with a code – a token, which is necessary to connect the two platforms. Copy it manually or use the Copy button.

Part of the integration on the eRecruiter platform has been completed. The next part is taking place on PeopleForce.

Generating an API Key in PeopleForce

Log in to PeopleForce. Go to Settings > Security> API keys. Click on the Generate button. Enter the name for the API key, set up the permissions, and finally save the key.

Important! Creating a key allows users with this key to retrieve or change data in your company account via PeopleForce API. If you want to restrict users from making changes to viewing employee Compensation details, you can change permission on the key to None.

At this point, you need to contact the PeopleForce support team and provide them with the PeopleForce API token and eRecruiter access token.

How does the PeopleForce integration with eRecruiter work?

Once you have followed all the steps described in the instructions above, you can start creating recruitment projects in the eRecruiter. While filling out the basic information about the project, enable the PeopleForce integration in the checkbox.

The candidate will be automatically added to the PeopleForce Directory after moving through all the candidate's stages to the Employed.

The start of work date will be considered as Hire date in PeopleForce.

After saving, the employee will be automatically created in PeopleForce

Directory. The first and last name, personal email, phone number, and date of hire are transferred from eRecruiter to the personal profile.

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