Hours by day report

Monthly view of all the employees time tracked across projects

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The "Hours by Day" report generates a comprehensive list of employees and their corresponding hours worked on various projects throughout a specified month.

The "Hours by day" report includes filters by months, projects, employees and clients. By using these filters, you can customize your search and obtain specific information that interests you.

This list displays monthly view of all the employee's time tracked across projects.

The report can be exported in XLSX or CSV format by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Setting up access rights to the "Hours by day" report in PeopleForce

In PeopleForce, you can customize access rights to the ''Hours by day'' report. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Roles and permissions section in the settings.

  2. Select the role you want to customize and click Edit.

  3. In the role editing window, scroll down to the Reports section.

  4. Select "Hours by day" in the "Company reports" field.

  5. Save the settings.

After saving the settings, users with the corresponding role will have access to the "Hours by day" report.

📌Note that you must have the appropriate administrator rights to be able to configure access rights.

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