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Creating a case by an employee and interacting with it
Creating a case by an employee and interacting with it

Learn how an employee can create a case and track its status

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Creating cases and interacting with them is an important stage in team work. With the help of a simple instruction, users can quickly create cases, organize them, and respond to notifications, ensuring effective communication and successful task execution.

Creating a case:

1. Quick Creation: Click on the "Quick Add" button at the top of the screen and select the "Create a Case" option from the active menu.

2. "Me'' section > Cases": Go to the "Me" section and navigate to "Cases." In the top-right corner of the screen, you will find an option to create a new case.

Organization and visibility

After creating cases, they will be categorized for easy tracking and viewing. The "Created by Me" section displays cases created by you, while the "Assigned to Me" section shows cases assigned to you by other users.

Completing the case form:

  1. Choose the appropriate category created by the administrator to organize and address the case effectively.

  2. Enter a descriptive title for your case in the "Title" field.

  3. Provide detailed information about your case in the "Description" field.

  4. If necessary, insert links or attach files related to the case to provide additional information to users working on it.

Receiving notifications as a case assignee

Once a case is created, the employee assigned to it will receive notifications via email and in the system's "Notifications". (represented by a bell icon).

Familiarizing yourself with the case and responding:

  1. The employee assigned to the case can access it by clicking on the notification.

  2. Review the content of the case and fill out the "Reply" field.

  3. Press the "Enter" key to send your response along with any important comments or recommendations.

Additional way to access the case:

1. Go to the "Me" section.

2. Select "Cases" and proceed to "Assigned to Me."

3. In the list of assigned cases, click on a case to view its content and provide a response in the "Reply" field.

Receiving notifications as a case author

When a participant in the case provides a response, the system automatically sends a notification to the case author via email and in the "Notifications" section of the system. This ensures that the author is always informed of the latest changes and can quickly respond to the responses and comments associated with the case.

Make the most of case creation and interaction capabilities, fostering active information exchange with your colleagues. This will enhance productivity, facilitate prompt task resolution, and contribute to your success in the workplace.

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