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Manage Safe Speak cases as a case assignee
Manage Safe Speak cases as a case assignee

Learn how to respond and resolve a case you are assigned to

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The system allows administrators to assign default assignees for each category. While creating case categories, an administrator can select a default assignee from the list of employees. Alternatively, the case can be assigned later to one of the case managers.

How it works:

After a case is submitted, it will be assigned to one of the case managers. The assignee reviews the case in the system, responds to the submitter in the comments, and changes the status to Closed once the case is resolved.


Assignees receives a notification once the case was assigned to them. Click the notification to access the case and its details. If you are a default assignee, check the Me section > Cases > Assigned to me to find the cases assigned to you.

Respond to the case

To respond to a case assigned to you as a case manager, follow these steps:

  1. In the "Me" section, navigate to "Cases" and select "Assigned to me."

  2. Open the specific case you want to address.

  3. Type your reply in the message bar located at the bottom of the request and then click "Comment."

This way, your response will be visible to the reporter when they follow up on the case.

🪄 You can also respond from the Case tab, where all cases, including those assigned to you, will be gathered.

Resolve a case

To resolve a case, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Cases section.

  2. Find and click on the case you wish to resolve.

  3. In the Case details widget, change the status to Closed.

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