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How to use the custom links to the career site
How to use the custom links to the career site
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Creating and sharing vacancies efficiently is crucial for successful recruitment, and leveraging unique links plays a key role in optimizing HR processes. In this guide, we'll delve into the process, using LinkedIn as an example. However, this approach is applicable across various sources, including referrals, and various dashboards such as Indeed, Jooble, etc. Additionally, marketers can integrate custom links into their marketing campaigns to optimise job promotion across multiple platforms, increasing reach and engagement with potential candidates.

Step 1: Generating a unique vacancy link

Once your vacancy is created, you'll receive a unique link to share it. When copying the link, select LinkedIn as the source.

Step 2: Directing potential candidates to your Career site

When configuring your job posting on LinkedIn, make sure to insert the link to your career site. This redirects potential candidates to apply through your career site.

Step 3: Candidate interaction on your Career site

Once candidates have reviewed the vacancy details, they can seamlessly apply by clicking the "Apply" button. This redirects potential candidates to your company's career site.

Step 4: Managing candidates in the vacancy funnel

Once candidates apply, they seamlessly integrate into the vacancy funnel. Initially positioned in the first stage, their source is indicated as "LinkedIn" on the candidate's card. This visual representation simplifies tracking and management.

Step 5: Analytics for informed decision-making

All source-related information is available in the vacancy details. This analytics feature empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of different recruitment sources.

By following these steps, HR professionals can effectively use custom links for posting vacancies, ensuring a strategic and efficient recruitment process.

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